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Paul Kotanko – New Pastor of Ferntree Gully Seventh-day Adventist Church

18 February 2018 • By

Paul Kotanko has been a local church pastor for approx 16 years. He has also served as Field Director (President) for the Mongolian Mission for a term. Before studying to be a pastor at the Adventist institute of Advanced Studies (Philippines) he worked in banking and finance as qualified accountant for the Vic. Government. Now […] Read more

Weekly Devotional Videos

  • ‘Prison With No Walls: Re-entry Anxiety’

    How are you going readjusting after lockdown? Are you or anyone you know feeling anxious about venturing fully into the world? What practical strategies can help with what has been coined “Re-entry Anxiety?” What spiritual resources can be helpful for this anxiety as well as other anxiety & depression? We’ll find some answers to these questions in the video.

  • ‘Problems Technology Can’t Solve’

    Technology plays a major part in our lives. This week the Australian government committed to reducing the impact of climate change through technology that hasn’t been invented yet. However, there are at least three problems in this world technology can’t solve. What are they? How can they be solved? We’ll find answers to these questions in the video.

  • ‘What Could the Year Ahead Bring?’

    As we soon exit major restrictions, What 'new normal' would you like to live? Would you like to go back to the 'old normal' before COVID-19 if that were possible? Or has the pandemic opened up new possibilities for you? How might the Shmita Year of the Bible help you in the year ahead? To find answers to these questions, as well as what a Shmita Year is, have a look at this video.

  • ‘Rescued!’

    This week little Cleo was found after being abducted for almost three weeks. This has a parallel in The Bible that applies to each and every person on this earth, including you. How so? We’ll see in this video.

  • ‘Lockdowns & Earth’s Final Judgment’

    Here in Melbourne we are finally (more or less) out of lockdown 😊. What was the first lockdown in the Bible? How was this very first lockdown related to Earth’s final judgment? These questions will be answered in the video.

  • ‘Can Shattered Faith Be Restored?’

    We’ve all experienced tragedies or deep disappointments that tested our faith in God. If our faith in God is shattered, Can it be restored? In this video, we will hear from the wife of one of the most powerful men in the world. She describes how she lost faith in God due to the death of her son. Was her faith restored? Watch the video and find out. Maybe you will see yourself in her faith journey.

  • ‘Is God a Greenie?’

    If you were a preacher who had COVID-19 and survived, What spiritual message would you consider the most crucial to share with people after your recovery? We’ll look at a preacher who had an “industrial” version of COVID-19. I found it fascinating what he considered to be the most important message he could preach on afterwards. It was especially surprising considering how much he usually focuses on end-time events. I’m sure you’ll be surprised too.

  • ‘To Vax? or Not to Vax?’

    Spoiler alert! I won’t be saying whether you should or shouldn’t take the COVID-19 vaccine. However, I will be looking at these questions: Although the Bible doesn’t talk about vaccines, What Biblical principles can guide us to take a vaccine or not? Ellen White was alive when the very first vaccine in modern times was developed and given. Did she ever take a vaccine? What principles can we learn from her attitude concerning vaccines? We will look at some answers to these questions in the video.

  • ‘How to Avoid Being Deceived Part 3’

    Following on from last week, How can we discern truth from error in today’s toxic COVID-19 environment? Are there methods we follow in studying Bible doctrines that can help us discern truth in non-religious matters such as COVID-19? How can we discern who to listen to and who to ignore? What about when two opposing sides both seem to be right? We will look at some answers to these questions in the video.

  • ‘Could You Be Deceived? Part 2’

    Following on from last week, What are some common methods that can deceive us? Should we believe everything our favourite preacher says? What inbuilt biases do we have that can inadvertently lead us astray? These are some of the questions we will look at in the video.

  • ‘Could You Be Deceived?’

    When Jesus talked about the end times, he repeated one warning FOUR times. What was this warning? How does the book of Revelation reinforce this dire warning? How can you avoid what Jesus warned about? These are some of the questions we will look at in this video.

  • ‘Remember!... And Do Not Forget!’

    Here in Victoria, we are over the worst of COVID-19 lockdowns. In the future, How will you look back on the past nine months? What lessons have you learned about yourself? What lessons have you learned about God? We'll look at what a retired professional wrestler and a group of people in the Bible have to say on how to relate to past, and present hardships.

  • ‘How’s Your Plan?’

    Have you ever had to give up cherished plans? Did life events deal a blow to things you wanted to do or achieve? Where was God when you thought He was in control of your plans? We look at these questions through the eyes of a heavyweight champion boxer and a person in the Bible.

  • ‘What is Life's Greatest Surprise?’

    What is Life’s Greatest Surprise? What would you nominate as Life’s Greatest Surprise? Life is not fair? Life is unpredictable and can change quickly? Love is a beautiful thing? Or something completely different? In this video I explore what one famous Christian nominated as life’s greatest surprise to him. You might find his answer er…surprising!

  • ‘How is Your Zeal?’

    How has COVID-19 impacted your spiritual zeal? Has being physically cut off from people made you more centred on yourself? Have you lost your enthusiasm for God and His Church amidst the grind of the lockdown and the ease of meeting over zoom in your home? We will look at these questions and the solution in this video.

  • ‘Tireless in Encouraging’

    The longer restrictions go on, it seems like the less motivated we are to care for and encourage each other. What does the Bible tell us to help with this? At the end of the video, instead of a hymn or song, there is an inspiring story of a Jew who met two very different angels a few minutes apart in the Auschwitz extermination camp. The encounter with one of them changed the course of his live. This video will both inspire and motivate you to be an encourager.

  • ‘Facing Our Giants of Fear’

    For many people, fear and anxiety are actually increasing despite the easing of lockdown restrictions. Why? What does the Bible offer to dispel our fears? We look at these questions in this week’s video.

  • ‘Laughing Through Lockdown?’

    What does the Bible say about laughter? What if you are in a season of grief, depression or mourning? What does the Bible say about laughter in those circumstances? We’ll take a look at these questions in the video. At the end of the video is a hymn about laughter.

  • ‘Spiritual Spring Clean’

    If winter spirituality was about developing our spiritual roots through Bible Study & prayer, What is the spiritual significance of Spring? What are the two main elements of a spiritual spring clean? We’ll take a look at these questions in the video.

  • ‘When God Says “No”’

    Have you ever been disappointed with God because He answered “No” to a cherished prayer? Can you accept what you don’t understand? Can you still see God’s plan when it didn’t go the way you thought or wanted it to go? We’ll take a look at these and other questions.

  • ‘What Makes a Great Father?’

    With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday we take a look at Fathers. In particular, we look at the fathering lessons from someone who was both a father, and a step father - to the same person! Who could this be? Also, What if you didn’t have the benefit of a father when you were growing up? We’ll take a look at these questions. At the end of the video, there is a heart warming and inspirational video of fathers and children talking about how they feel about each other. It is a real tear jerker you don’t want to miss.

  • ‘Storms That Make Us Stronger’

    How do the storms of life affect our faith? Are we stronger spiritually with each storm-like trial? What is God’s purpose for the storms in our lives? We will look at these questions in the video.

  • ‘Where Is Your Bunker?’

    What hope do we have for shelter in the storms of life? What is going to be the only safe shelter in these days we find ourselves in and in the last days? We will look at these questions in this video.

  • ‘Caring For the Little Ones’

    Should we be concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on the physical and mental health of children? What can we do to help them through this difficult time? How can we help our children and grandchildren spiritually in this time of COVID-19? We’ll look at a story in the Bible where children’s needs were considered by an adult. We will also look at various strategies for our little ones physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • ‘What's Your Focus?’

    In times of trial and difficulties, Where should our focus be? Is there any connection between our focus and our quality of sleep? What does the Bible teach about our focus and sleep? We’ll look at the unusual connection between these two things in this video.

  • ‘Complacency - Part 2’

    Continuing on from last time, How can we avoid complacency as we wait for Jesus return? What can we do spiritually? What does Jesus desire us to do while we are waiting so we can avoid complacency? We'll look at Jesus' answer to these questions.

  • ‘Complacency - Part 1’

    Complacency was at least partly blamed for the explosion of Coronavirus COVID-19 cases and the subsequent lockdown. What part of our spiritual lives do we face the greatest temptation to be complacent? What are the consequences of this complacency? On what subject did Jesus issue seven warnings in a row on avoiding complacency? We will examine these questions.

  • ‘Punished For Kindness???’

    Is the saying “No good deed goes unpunished” true? Are there any downside to kindness in the Bible? What are the benefits of kindness stated in the Bible? Join me as we explore these questions.

  • ‘R U OK?’

    Is it wrong or bad for Christians to have anxiety or depression? Is anxiety or depression a sin, a sign of weakness or a lack of faith in God? Did men and women in The Bible ever get anxious or depressed? We look at answers to these questions in this week’s video.

  • ‘Why a Time of Sheltering?’

    Is this time of sheltering a waste of time? Would God prefer we are always active for Him rather than sheltering? Has God used times of sheltering for His people before to prepare them for His purposes? What might God do though you and I during and after this time of sheltering?

  • ‘Lost on Mt Disappointment’

    Have you ever been lost and away from God on your own metaphorical Mt Disappointment? Have you ever questioned God’s care and concern for you? How does God relate to us in these circumstances? We will look at these questions in this video.

  • ‘Winter Spirituality’

    How do the seasons affect our spiritual life? How can we maximize the winter months to enhance our walk with God? What can we learn from trees to help us with our winter spirituality? I will examine these questions and more. At the end of the devotional, there is a beautiful video clip to the music of the first movement of the Winter Concerto of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.

  • ‘Understanding the Times’

    What does how a pilot flies a plane have to do with understanding our time in Bible prophecy? How are we to understand the times we live in from a Bible prophetic point of view? Does Coronavirus COVID-19 fit into this picture? We'll be looking at these questions and more in this week's video.

  • ‘Two Treasuries’

    Do you own your possessions or do your possessions own you? Have you been thinking about your lifestyle before Coronavirus COVID-10? Are you enjoying a quieter life and are maybe looking to simplify your life? What guidance does Jesus give about our possession? Let's look for some answers in "Two Treasuries" this week.

  • ‘Hope’

    The Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said that "hope is the most evil of evils because it prolongs man's torment.” Is this true? Does the hope God offers merely prolong our torment? Let's have a look and see.

  • ‘Mothers & Trust’

    The Bible has many masculine images of God. We know Him as God the Father, Jesus was a man and God is sometimes depicted as a warrior and defender. But on this Mother's Day weekend, we ask the question, Are there any feminine of motherly images of God in the Bible? Let's look together and see.

  • ‘Thanksgiving & Gratitude’

    Can we be thankful in the time of COVID-19? Have you given thanks to God during these times? What does the Bible say about the effect on gratitude and thanksgiving upon us? In this video, we will explore these questions.

  • ‘Who Is God Good To?’

    Who is God good to? Is He only good to those who follow Him? Is He still good to those who don't acknowledge Him or are hostile to Him? Find out what the Bible has to say on this topic.

  • ‘Worry’

    What sort of things are Australians worried about? How can we worry less worry and trust more? In this video, I look at what Jesus had to say on this timely topic.

  • ‘Peace and Easter’

    In this Easter video message, I begin by asking “What’s the least claimed promise of Jesus?” Spend the next few minutes to discover what and why. Along the way, find out how to have peace in this world despite troubles.

  • ‘Habits’

    Good spiritual habits to practice during the COVID-19 lock down when you can't go to Church.