Posts from 28 August 2020

Storms That Make Us Stronger

28 August 2020 • By

How do the storms of life affect our faith?  Are we stronger spiritually with each storm-like trial?  What is God’s purpose for the storms in our lives?  We will look at these questions in the video Read more

Is God Like Uber Eats?

21 August 2020 • By

How is God sometimes treated like Uber Eats? How does God desire to relate to us? We will look at a verse in the Book of Revelation and another one in the Song of Solomon for the surprising answers. Read more

Depression: A Young Man’s Journey

14 August 2020 • By

A Young adult man shares his journey of depression, what made him depressed, the support and help he received and Bible texts that spoke to him in his depression.  I’m sure you’ll gain a fresh understanding of depression if you are going through it or know someone, particularly a young person, who is experiencing this […] Read more

Where Is Your Bunker?

07 August 2020 • By

What hope do we have for shelter in the storms of life? What is going to be the only safe shelter in these days we find ourselves in and in the last days? We will look at these questions in this video. Read more