Posts from 30 June 2020

Weekly Devotional Videos – by Pastor Paul Kotanko

30 June 2020 • By

During these difficult times caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Pastor Paul has continued his ministry by reaching to everyone through the internet with weekly videos. His devotional videos, that has consistently been added to every Friday, attempts to reconnect you with the message of Christ. He has already addressed a range of topics, including: “Worry”, […] Read more


26 June 2020 • By

Is it wrong or bad for Christians to have anxiety or depression? Is anxiety or depression a sin, a sign of weakness or a lack of faith in God? Did men and women in The Bible ever get anxious or depressed? We look at answers to these questions in this week’s video. Read more

Why a Time of Sheltering

19 June 2020 • By

Is this time of sheltering a waste of time? Would God prefer we are always active for Him rather than sheltering? Has God used times of sheltering for His people before to prepare them for His purposes? What might God do through you and I during and after this time of sheltering? Read more

Lost on Mt Disappointment

12 June 2020 • By

Have you ever been lost and away from God on your own metaphorical Mt Disappointment? Have you ever questioned God’s care and concern for you? How does God relate to us in these circumstances? We will look at these questions in this video. Read more

Winter Spirituality

05 June 2020 • By

How do the seasons affect our spiritual life? How can we maximize the winter months to enhance our walk with God? What can we learn from trees to help us with our winter spirituality? I will examine these questions and more. At the end of the devotional, there is a beautiful video clip to the […] Read more