Posts from 29 May 2020

Understanding the Times

29 May 2020 • By

What does how a pilot flies a plane have to do with understanding our time in Bible prophecy? How are we to understand the times we live in from a Bible prophetic point of view? Does Coronavirus COVID-19 fit into this picture? We’ll be looking at these questions and more in this week’s video. Read more

Two Treasuries

22 May 2020 • By

Do your own your possessions or do your possessions own you? Have you been thinking about your lifestyle before Coronavirus COVID-10? Are you enjoying a quieter life and are maybe looking to simplify your life? What guidance does Jesus give about our possession? Let’s look for some answers in “Two Treasuries” this week. Read more


15 May 2020 • By

The Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said that “hope is the most evil of evils because it prolongs man’s torment.” Is this true? Does the hope God offers merely prolong our torment? Let’s have a look and see. Read more

Mothers & Trust

08 May 2020 • By

The Bible has many masculine images of God. We know Him as God the Father, Jesus was a man and God is sometimes depicted as a warrior and defender. But on this Mother’s Day weekend, we ask the question, Are there any feminine of motherly images of God in the Bible? Let’s look together and […] Read more

Thanksgiving & Gratitude

01 May 2020 • By

Can we be thankful in the time of COVID-19? Have you given thanks to God during these times? What does the Bible say about the effect on gratitude and thanksgiving upon us? In this video, we will explore these questions. Read more