Posts from 31 July 2020

Caring For the Little Ones

31 July 2020 • By

Should we be concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on the physical and mental health of children? What can we do to help them through this difficult time? How can we help our children and grandchildren spiritually in this time of COVID-19? We’ll look at a story in the Bible where children’s needs were considered […] Read more

What’s Your Focus?

24 July 2020 • By

In times of trial and difficulties, Where should our focus be? Is there any connection between our focus and our quality of sleep? What does the Bible teach about our focus and sleep? We’ll look at the unusual connection between these two things in this video. Read more

Complacency – Part 2

17 July 2020 • By

Continuing on from last time, How can we avoid complacency as we wait for Jesus return? What can we do spiritually? What does Jesus desire us to do while we are waiting so we can avoid complacency? We’ll look at Jesus’ answer to these questions. Read more

Complacency – Part 1

10 July 2020 • By

Complacency was at least partly blamed for the explosion of Coronavirus COVID-19 cases and the subsequent lockdown. What part of our spiritual lives do we face the greatest temptation to be complacent? What are the consequences of this complacency? On what subject did Jesus issue seven warnings in a row on avoiding complacency? We will […] Read more

Punished For Kindness???

03 July 2020 • By

Is the saying “No good deed goes unpunished” true? Are there any downside to kindness in the Bible? What are the benefits of kindness stated in the Bible? Join me as we explore these questions. Read more