Posts from 27 November 2020

Remember!… And Do Not Forget!

27 November 2020 • By

Here in Victoria, we are over the worst of COVID-19 lockdowns.  In the future, How will you look back on the past nine months?  What lessons have you learned about yourself?  What lessons have you learned about God?  We’ll look at what a retired professional wrestler and a group of people  in the Bible have […] Read more

How’s Your Plan Going?

20 November 2020 • By

Have you ever had to give up cherished plans?  Did life events deal a blow to things you wanted to do or achieve?  Where was God when you thought He was in control of your plans? We look at these questions through the eyes of a heavyweight champion boxer and a person in the Bible. Read more

What is Life’s Greatest Surprise?

13 November 2020 • By

What is Life’s Greatest Surprise? What would you nominate as Life’s Greatest Surprise? Life is not fair? Life is unpredictable and can change quickly? Love is a beautiful thing? Or something completely different? In this video I explore what one famous Christian nominated as life’s greatest surprise to him. You might find his answer er…surprising! Read more