Posts from 16 October 2020

How is Your Zeal?

16 October 2020 • By

How has COVID-19 impacted your spiritual zeal?  Has being physically cut off from people made you more centred on yourself?  Have you lost your enthusiasm for God and His Church amidst the grind of the lockdown and the ease of meeting over zoom in your home?  We will look at these questions and the solution […] Read more

Tireless in Encouraging

09 October 2020 • By

The longer restrictions go on, it seems like the less motivated we are to care for and encourage each other.  What does the Bible tell us to help with this?  At the end of the video, instead of a hymn or song, there is an inspiring story of a Jew who met two very different […] Read more

Facing Our Giants of Fear

02 October 2020 • By

For many people, fear and anxiety are actually increasing despite the easing of lockdown restrictions.  Why?  What does the Bible offer to dispel our fears?  We look at these questions in this week’s video. Read more