Posts from 24 April 2020

Who Is God Good To?

24 April 2020 • By

Who is God good to? Is He only good to those who follow Him? Is He still good to those who don’t acknowledge Him or are hostile to Him? Find out what the Bible has to say on this topic. Read more


17 April 2020 • By

What sort of things are Australians worried about? How can we worry less worry and trust more? In this video, I look at what Jesus had to say on this timely topic. Read more

Peace & Easter

11 April 2020 • By

In this Easter video message, I begin by asking “What’s the least claimed promise of Jesus?” Spend the next few minutes to discover what and why. Along the way, find out how to have peace in this world despite troubles. Read more


04 April 2020 • By

Good spiritual habits to practice during the COVID-19 lock down when you can’t go to Church. Read more

Devotional – ‘Habits’ – by Pastor Paul Kotanko

04 April 2020 • By

Devotional ‘Habits’ Ferntree Gully Seventh-day Adventist Church Pastor Paul Kotanko presents his first video presentation ‘Habits’. View HERE Your comments are encouraged. Read more