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Remember!… And Do Not Forget!

27 November 2020 • By

Here in Victoria, we are over the worst of COVID-19 lockdowns.  In the future, How will you look back on the past nine months?  What lessons have you learned about yourself?  What lessons have you learned about God?  We’ll look at what a retired professional wrestler and a group of people  in the Bible have […] Read more

How’s Your Plan Going?

20 November 2020 • By

Have you ever had to give up cherished plans?  Did life events deal a blow to things you wanted to do or achieve?  Where was God when you thought He was in control of your plans? We look at these questions through the eyes of a heavyweight champion boxer and a person in the Bible. Read more

What is Life’s Greatest Surprise?

13 November 2020 • By

What is Life’s Greatest Surprise? What would you nominate as Life’s Greatest Surprise? Life is not fair? Life is unpredictable and can change quickly? Love is a beautiful thing? Or something completely different? In this video I explore what one famous Christian nominated as life’s greatest surprise to him. You might find his answer er…surprising! Read more

How is Your Zeal?

16 October 2020 • By

How has COVID-19 impacted your spiritual zeal?  Has being physically cut off from people made you more centred on yourself?  Have you lost your enthusiasm for God and His Church amidst the grind of the lockdown and the ease of meeting over zoom in your home?  We will look at these questions and the solution […] Read more

Tireless in Encouraging

09 October 2020 • By

The longer restrictions go on, it seems like the less motivated we are to care for and encourage each other.  What does the Bible tell us to help with this?  At the end of the video, instead of a hymn or song, there is an inspiring story of a Jew who met two very different […] Read more

Facing Our Giants of Fear

02 October 2020 • By

For many people, fear and anxiety are actually increasing despite the easing of lockdown restrictions.  Why?  What does the Bible offer to dispel our fears?  We look at these questions in this week’s video. Read more

Laughing Through Lockdown?

25 September 2020 • By

What does the Bible say about laughter? What if you are in a season of grief, depression or mourning? What does the Bible say about laughter in those circumstances? We’ll take a look at these questions in the video. At the end of the video is a hymn about laughter. Read more

Spiritual Spring Clean

18 September 2020 • By

If winter spirituality was about developing our spiritual roots through Bible Study & prayer, What is the spiritual significance of Spring?  What are the two main elements of a spiritual spring clean?  We’ll take a look at these questions in the video. If you require a link to Winter Spirituality: At the end of the […] Read more

When God Says “No”

11 September 2020 • By

Have you ever been disappointed with God because He answered “No” to a cherished prayer?  Can you accept what you don’t understand?  Can you still see God’s plan when it didn’t go the way you thought or wanted it to go?  We’ll take a look at these and other questions. Read more

What Makes a Great Father?

04 September 2020 • By

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday we take a look at Fathers. In particular, we look at the fathering lessons from someone who was both a father, and a step father – to the same person! Who could this be? Also, What if you didn’t have the benefit of a father when you were […] Read more